Money Matters


Most people who foster don’t do it for the money but for their desire to help children in need. However bringing up children is expensive and most people who foster need financial support to be able to give their time to fostering.

Our rates allow for carers to be rewarded for their professional development as foster carers as they gain experience and attend training. Most carers start on band one progressing through the banding system as they meet the relevant criteria. Experienced foster carers will start on a higher band providing they meet the criteria.


The allowances are to reward the foster carer for their skills as well as providing for the expenses involved in looking after the child.

They are made up of an allowance to cover the needs of the child, calculated on their age and a fee and training element for the carer, based on their level of skill.

Weekly Combination of Fostering child Allowances, Fees and Training Element
Age of Child/YPBand OneBand TwoBand ThreeBaby & Parent
0 – 4 years£286.37£323.99£372.05
5 – 10 years£307.37£344.99£393.05
11 – 15 years£336.37£373.99£422.05
16+ years£374.37£411.99£460.05
Baby & Parent£832.10
Fee band 3 (x2) + Allowance 0-4 and Allowance 16+

Specialist carers receive an enhanced allowance of around £700 per week.

Please note that the allowances include £10 for savings for each child, per week, which is deducted.

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