Become a foster carer in Ealing

Sadly not all children are able to live with their own families. When families are in a crisis or struggling with issues such as mental health or substance misuse, they may not be able to provide their children with the support and stability they need. When it is not possible to support the family at home the children may need to be fostered to make sure they are safe and get the proper care they need.

Hear how Ealing’s carers feel about fostering.

All sorts of people make good foster carers. The main requirements are to care about children and to want to make a difference in their lives.

Our foster carers come from many different backgrounds:

  • Are all ages (but you must be over 21)
  • Live in privately rented, social housing or own their own homes
  • Some are working and others claiming benefits
  • Are heterosexual or gay
  • Have children of their own or don’t have children
  • Practice a religion, others do not
  • Are married, separated or divorced, living with someone or on their own

We need people to foster children of all ages. You may not need a spare bedroom to be able to foster. If you look after babies, they may be able to sleep in your bedroom if you have space for a cot.

Being a foster carer is about being flexible and open minded, enjoying a challenge, enjoying learning new things and wanting to change the future of local children in your community.

Only Local Authorities have the children that need to be placed.

If you’re not sure about whether you could foster, have a chat with us first – don’t rule yourself out.

To find out more, contact us

Phone 0800 731 6550

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